About Us

Paragon Recruitment Agency is part of Paragon Europe which is a leading innovative, international EU affairs, internship, recruitment, advisory and compliance company with head offices in Malta and Brussels. Since its inception, Paragon Europe has striven to realise and provide excellence by competing with cutting-edge peers in the ultra-competitive market of EU funding, internship and recruitment

With over 15 years of operational experience, our multilingual, multicultural and multidisciplinary team has developed the right expertise to carry out tender and project activities to the highest standards. With an average participation in over 350 EU projects and with a high success rate comparable to the topmost European Universities, Paragon Europe has established itself with European and global credentials in the field of research, innovation, internship and recruitment projects.

Currently, Paragon Recruitment is working with nearly 1,000 universities, higher educational and vocational institutions from 28 EU member states, hosting and placing over 20,000 students and tutors from all over the world. This is facilitated by an ever-growing network of over 2,000 organizations in Malta who regularly host our interns. We have also hosted over 8,000 students and business people at our English Communication School (ECS) in Sliema. We are also very successfully helping local companies (including iGaming & Blockchain companies) in Recruitment as we have an extensive Talent Academy with the top talent available in Europe and beyond.

Our Paragon team is using the latest technology to automate and speed up the process to be one of the fastest when it comes to speed to market. We are also exploring Artificial Intelligence processes to enable to us more efficiency and accuracy when it comes to the shortlisting process.

If you would like to meet you to discuss in further detail our Recruitment, Long-Term Internship and other services we will be happy to assist you in find the right talent. As the foremost organization working closely with the topmost EU institutions and partners in the EU and beyond, we are in the leading position to offer the best Recruitment, Long-Term Internship and other services to satisfy your requirements.

Benefits to your Company:

  • Exposure within each Department in Paragon
  • 20,000 Interns – Top Talent from Higher Educational Institutions
  • 1,000+ Educational Institutions
  • 8,000 Language Students
  • 2,000+ local Organisations
  • 350 EU funded Projects
  • Recruitment Services
  • Relocation Services
  • Talent Academy – Top International Talent
  • English Language Courses for Business
  • Customised Training for your staff
  • Event Management


Dr. Nadia Theuma is Paragon Europe's Executive Director responsible for project management and has been personally overseeing Paragon’s growing portfolio of internal and client projects as co-founder. She has a Doctorate in the development, marketing and management of cultural and sustainable tourism. Dr. Theuma has a consolidated experience in project management especially linked to regional branding and development.

She is an international speaker and an established author in the field with over 30 peer-reviewed papers. She has served as a Board member on Government Boards and within international academic and research networks. She is increasingly in demand by various European regions and Commonwealth countries with the aim to offer assistance in her areas of international expertise.



Dr. Anton Theuma is co-founder and has been CEO of the Paragon Group since incorporation in 2004. He has a Doctorate Degree in Knowledge Economy and participated and managed various EU co-funded projects including FP6, FP7, CIP, COST, IEE and Interreg and has also provided assistance to clients seeking business advice, EU funding and investor funding.

Dr. Theuma advises public and private organisations on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and he is involved in policy, programme and project related work at EU level on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Smart Specialisation and is a member of the FINeS cluster. He has significant experience dealing with stakeholders in the triple helix of industry, technology transfer incubators and investment coaches, mentors, fund managers and institutional funds.



Malta Office

183 Constitution Street,
Mosta MST 9054, Malta

T : +356 2339 0100


Brussels Office

Rond Point Schuman 6
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium

T : +32 2234 7791